“Playtech Enriches Its Live Dealer Portfolio with Majority Rules Speed Blackjack - GamblersNews” plus 1 more

“Playtech Enriches Its Live Dealer Portfolio with Majority Rules Speed Blackjack - GamblersNews” plus 1 morePlaytech Enriches Its Live Dealer Portfolio with Majority Rules Speed Blackjack - GamblersNewsPosted: 02 Jul 2020 01:07 PM PDT Established back in 1999, Playtech is doubtlessly one of the leading brands in the online casino gaming industry with a long and rich history. Playtech is listed on the London Stock Exchange which also adds more value to its highly successful business operations. It is also worth mentioning that Playtech operates in nineteen countries and employs almost six thousand individuals which makes it a global technology leader in its line of business.Over the years, the company's impeccable gaming library has grown rapidly to feature hundreds of games of all types including its iconic collection of Age of Gods slot releases which are widely available across online casinos. Playtech is also famed for its remarkable collection of live dealer games which perfect…

“Best Live Dealer sites for Immersive Roulette - Tunf.com News” plus 1 more

“Best Live Dealer sites for Immersive Roulette - Tunf.com News” plus 1 more

Best Live Dealer sites for Immersive Roulette - Tunf.com News

Posted: 14 Jan 2020 04:23 AM PST

What is actually "Immersive Roulette"? Some would say that it is one of the many live roulette titles, easily found online. Others would say that it is a masterpiece of the gambling industry. The truth is, immersive roulette is both of these at the same time, yet it is also something more.

Developed by Evolution Gaming, immersive roulette is an exclusive release available only on sites where Evolution Gaming produces live dealer titles.

This particular roulette is much more realistic than other products of this type in the industry. It offers so much more.
The game is designed for European roulette rules, yet it lacks the French roulette features such as La Partage or En Prison features. There is only one zero spot on the reel which means that the house edge is cut to 2.70%.

The gameplay doesn't last long, around 30 seconds on average. The human dealer rotates the wheel in different directions on each spin. The bets are taken until 10 seconds into the spin with wagers stretching from £1 up to £10,000. Many casinos like to enforce their own table limits, but in general, everyone can try Immersive Roulette by Evolution Gaming for an affordable price.

Evolution Gaming named this wonderful product "immersive" because of its ability to allow players unforgettable gaming experience. Players can interact with dealers, choose camera angles they like and browse various other features such as logbooks and use strategy play.
Now it's time to talk about live dealers.

One of the places where players can enjoy Immersive Roulette is the famous Cleopatra casino (https://cleopatracasino.com). A world-class online establishment, the casino offers only the best gambling experience for its customers. Cleopatra casino offers up to 3,500 thrilling online casino games from the best developers in the industry.

Also, one might try Live Casino (https://live.casino). Another renowned platform, Live Casino offers only the finest products from developers such as NetEnt, Play'n Go, EGT, Evolution Gaming, Betsoft, Pragmatic Play, and many others.

Both of these online establishments are known for taking good care of their customers. Players can choose so many games, ranging from various online slot titles to blackjack, roulette, baccarat and, of course, live casino games.

As for live casino games, Immersive Roulette, one of the best products available, is there, in these casinos, waiting for you to try it.

Safe Online Casinos Where You Can Play Live Blackjack - Tunf.com News

Posted: 14 Jan 2020 07:43 AM PST

Simple rules and low risks got players obsessing over Blackjack for decades. And it`s popularity keeps growing. In recent years, this classic game has taken off following the emergence and popularity of interactive gambling; giving players impressive, wide variations of the game to choose from.

However, with every option comes the hustle of making critical decisions so as to settle for the right online casino site offering the game.

Luckily, we are way ahead of the resulting mean feat. That is, we have leveraged our experience on most matters gambling to bring you a brief overview of top-rated and safe online casinos where you can play live blackjack.

Buckle up…

Blackjack – Evolution Gaming

When searching for the slickest, fastest, and richest-featured online Blackjack variation then the live blackjack by Evolution Gaming should be your first stop. With its amazing playing experience on tablet, desktop, or smartphone; the game is set to blow your mind.
Then there`s a large option of live tables or 'dedicated' tables crafted uniquely for any operator.

Its added features such as bet behind, pre-decision, and side bets speed the game pace whilst adding huge scalability. As a player, you can link to the live games directly through the operator`s email, live chat, or webpages. Regardless, you`ll have access to the table (VIP and standard) variations in the live lobby.

You can either take one of the 7 seats at the table or bet behind. Regardless, you`ll have the full attention of the professional dealers present. If at the table, you get the rich betting features such as insurance, pre-decision, 21+3 & perfect pair side bets, splitting pairs, and doubling down.

On its end, bet behind is a low-stake, stylish, and scalable feature allowing a limitless number of players to wager behind the "top-rated" player whilst waiting for a chance at one of the 7 seats. That is, a player highlighted with a gold medal showcasing the number of rounds the specific player has won. A hot player is also depicted with up to 3 stars or 2 ribbons around the medal.
During the wait, you`ll receive game guidance, bubbly chats, and uplifting music from the professional dealers. Note, a player at the main seat can bet behind another seat too.

Blackjack 1 – Extreme gaming

This classic game has few table selections differentiated in terms of bet limits. For instance, a VIP blackjack has a max bet limit of $2000 making it a fit for high rollers.

Most screen elements showcasing table limits, variable data, and in some cases chat windows are hidden on the sides of the screen – living the focus on the ongoing game. To access the hidden information is simple though – just click on the respective green arrow to either side of the screen and it will direct you accordingly. You can also access the lobby whilst still at the current table thanks to the button containing 3 parallel lines.

You`re aware of the high quality of audio and video produced by extreme gaming and blackjack`s case is not different. Although the camera view is unchangeable, the player can switch to full screen without any disruption or deterioration of the video quality. Other possible modifications include mute/unmute for audio and low/high-quality switch for video quality.

Its rules are simple. For instance, a player can split any 2 cards ranked the same except for aces as they can only be split ones.
When it comes to language, the game best fits English speakers. However, there is an Italian blackjack at the lobby managed by native Italian dealers; in addition to which there`s an allowance for changing the interface to a selected 20 or so languages.

Blackjack 2 – Extreme gaming

Just like blackjack 1, blackjack 2 has a few tables and extreme gaming make up for this limitation by providing a superb game quality and experience. Additionally, the rules and low-stakes favor the players making the game irresistible.

The low limits (from £5 to £500) appeal to casual players who would otherwise be put off by high limits of up to £1000 as seen in VIP blackjack. Regardless, always check to see your budget matches the selected limits. In other words, only wage what you can afford to lose.
Blackjack 2 is the true definition of speed and quality thanks to its structured layout. The player can bet simultaneously having adequate time to make their wagering decision. The aforementioned quality is boosted with additional features such as 2 side bets (21+3 and perfect pairs) which provides additional winning chances.

When playing, you can take up to 3 seats at once. That is, playing with 3 independent hands at once which only works to allow more winnings for the players. Isn't it marvelous? And for the players unable to find a spot at the table, there`s the bet behind a feature that let you spectate as you enjoy music and more guidance regarding the game.

The platform quality and options are on point too. Starting with a high-definition video stream dependent on your internet connection speed (3g, 4g, or 5g) to live chats with dealers.

And the best part? You can enjoy all these on any device regardless of the installed operating software.

Blackjack 2 – NetEnt

NetEnt live to provide players with a world-class gaming experience so expect this game to be amazing.
First, the game is simple. The player needs just beat the dealer in terms of who has better cards on hand in which case, 21-points is the best. Exceeding a card value of 21 is referred to as a bust in which case a player loses automatically.

Blackjack by NetEnt is played with 6 decks and 3 hands; decks comprising of 52 cards each. The value of the card is its corresponding numerical value. As usual, the face cards are Jack, Queen, and King valued at 10 with the Ace valued at 1 or 11. To result in a blackjack, the player needs an Ace and another card valued at 10 (11 + 10 = 21); a combination that will lead to a 3:2 payoff. You can win whenever a dealer busts too.

NetEnt incorporates unique features into the game such as doubling and splitting allowing continued 3-hand gameplay. There`s also a speed control option enabling the player to change the speed of the game to match their needs regardless of the device they are using.
The platform is designed to entertain whilst playing. Starting with a background of jazz music, amazing graphics, less cluttered interface, and quality sound; this is a classic game you can`t afford to miss!

Then there`s the impressively high (99.59%) return to player rate and the simple choice between generic tables and tables with branded backgrounds.

Blackjack 3 – Extreme gaming

Just like its predecessors, blackjack 3 by extreme gaming steal the show at any online casino.
The game understands simplicity. Standard, classic rules alongside low-stakes which makes it popular among low rollers. I mean you can literarily wager and win big with just £5 thanks to the low limits and high return to player rates.

Additional features make it all worthwhile. Can you imagine missing out on playing with 3 hands at once whilst being in a position to place 2 side bets? Missing on a chance to observe the game be a spectator whilst learning and getting gaming cues here and there?

On top of that, the platform comes armed with impeccable quality and options. From customizable video quality to live chat options – all on your desktop, tablet, or smartphone. And no, you don`t have to keep browsing as with the BetVictor`s mobile app, you can easily access extreme live gaming software.

Blackjack 3 – NetEnt

The game utilizes the current technology to make the gaming experience safer and more efficient for players.
Here, you place bets on up to 3 hands at once whilst following the standard, classic blackjack rules.

To make the experience fun and more rewarding, there are added features among them doubling, splitting, hand insurance, dealer`s last hand display, and the even-money option. These are explained below…


This applies to cards of similar rankings. For instance, if the first 2 cards in a player`s one hand say 2 kings, 2 8`s or other 2 cards of equal value; the hand in question can be split into 2 hands. The player will then acquire a second hand dealt on the resulting hands and automatically play the wager initially placed. Note, splits cannot be re-split and are played in series.

In the case of Ace cards, only one additional card is dealt on top of the initial Aces after which the hand is set on stand or bust. Note, an Ace in combination with a card valued 10 does not lead to blackjack in a split – it counts as just that, 21 points.


When the player receives the first 2 cards, he/she can choose to double the wager in which case, 1 extra card is dealt with the player leading to a hand on 'stand' (with some points) or 'bust' (exceeding 21 points).


If an Ace is the first visible card on a player`s hand, they are given the option to insure the hand. The premium is 50% of the initial bet on the particular hand. In the case of blackjack, the player wins as projected on the paytable; otherwise, the insurance is lost and the hands played normally.

The dealer's last hands display

This is more of a history feature but for the dealer and not the player. With it, a player can access the dealer`s hands result for the last 10 or so game rounds.

Even Money

This is an option present in a case where the dealer has an Ace as the first visible card and the player has a blackjack. Here, the player can automatically win the wager double back when they opt for 'even money'. If not, and it happens that the dealer gets a blackjack afterward, the player will only get the wager returned – a situation refereed as 'push'. However, if the dealer fails to cling the coveted blackjack, the player wins by blackjack and is paid in accordance with the paytable.
Blackjack 3 by NetEnt has the same old, classic rules making it easy to master.

There are 6 decks made up of 52 cards shuffled automatically before the start of a game to ensure fair outcomes. Here, the bet limits are dependent on the casino offering the game. By default, the minimum limit is £1 and the maximum at £500.

When betting, you`ll locate chips at the bottom-center of the screen. Clicking the arrows to either side of the chips provide additional options in chip value. Note, the wagers are usually turned into a single chip automatically. For instance, 2 £100 chips are turned into a single £200 chip on the betting table.

The game provides a range of payoffs such as 3:1 for blackjack, 2:1 for insurance, 1:1 for a win, 1:1 for even money, and a 'push' that returns the wager to the player.

Additionally, there are adjustable settings to match your needs and preference. For example, the speed of the game can be set from 1 to 10, the soundtrack on and off, and there are up to 5 soundtracks to choose from. You can adjust the volume of the game too.

Blackjack A – Evolution gaming

Evolution Gaming sure makes the most of its experience in creating numerous variations of this popular game.

On its end, Blackjack A utilizes standard rules making it ideal for new and experienced players. It has a limit of £5 – £1000 making it ideal for casual players. And a return to player rate of 99.28% making it ideal for anyone looking for big wins.

Though there are no spin-off games, the original game sure does it all. From audios of impeccable quality to high definition streaming. Then comes the intuitive interface for ease of play and professional dealers to offer real-time guidance and entertainment. All these combine to form a serene environment that helps reduce tension present in some players when playing with real money.

The game has 8 decks where the dealer stands on all 17`s. The player is allowed to double down or split in accordance with the standard rule. Note, you cannot double on a split hand and in a case of split Aces, the new hands receive only a card each. The player can insure their hand too in a case where the first visible card on a hand is an Ace.

Additional features include side bets (perfect pairs and 21+3) that serve to boost winnings by 25 times your initial bet in case of the former side bet. The bet behind feature allows you to be a spectator all whilst learning tips and tricks to better your chances of winning.
You can chat with the dealer live leading to fast response and great customer experience. Also, there are customizable options to match your preference. More so when it comes to video and audio quality, quantity, screen size, and volume.

The interface is uncluttered and smartly designed which contributes to the ease of play. A thing boosted by multiple camera angels allowing you to see various sides of the wagering table.

In conclusion…

Safety is paramount when it comes to any online deal and game. The reason you should look beyond the bonuses and those opaque languages from the game developers and software designers before signing up for any online casino sites. Luckily, you`re not in the search lone. We have taken upon ourselves to research and review casino sites to provide you with an overview of the save online casinos where you can play live blackjack.


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