“How Do Live Casino Games Work? - BBN Times” plus 1 more

“How Do Live Casino Games Work? - BBN Times” plus 1 more

How Do Live Casino Games Work? - BBN Times

Posted: 07 Oct 2019 01:31 AM PDT

In the mid-1990s, several savvy entrepreneurs pinpointed the internet as the next big gambling innovation. As a result, heavy investment went into the development of the first online casinos, which today's market would view as comparatively primitive and clunky.

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Within a few decades, however, the industry has grown from strength to strength - becoming the key driving force behind the worldwide gambling economy. In the United Kingdom, online gambling represents a third of the country's overall gross gambling yield, with double-digit growth forecast for the years ahead.

Live casino games are leading the way for online gambling companies, with many players playing them rather than visiting traditional land-based casinos. Live casinos have made online gambling more human – as they connect players with each other, and croupiers, in real time.

But how do they work and what does the future hold? Read on to find out.

What are Live Casino Games?

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Live casino games are essentially the middle ground between land-based gaming and online play. Instead of pitting yourself against a computer, as you would when gambling online, you play opposite a real dealer.

This adds an authenticity to the experience, closely mimicking the feeling of being in an actual casino. Best of all, live casinos let you feel all this from the comfort of your sofa, desk or anywhere with an internet connection.

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It's pretty easy to get a flavour of this type of gaming – as live casinos are abundant across the online gambling world. However, one notable online casino immerses you not only in an authentic gaming environment, but in a particular era of casino culture. It's a cut above the rest, themed around 1960s Vegas – thought of by many as the golden era of gambling – so you can feel truly part of the glitz and glam while you're playing its exciting and cutting-edge live casino games.

Live Streaming Play

In order to bring live gaming to your device, casino operators usually stream play directly from a warehouse facility or an empty office space. This 'studio' is usually owned by a production firm such as Evolution Gaming – which provides live casino services to a number of operators – and the space is spruced-up with the traditional décor you'd find in a physical casino.

The only real difference between a land-based casino and a studio-based one is the front-end of the gaming table. The seats that are normally reserved for players are replaced by at least three cameras that live stream the action:

  • One will display the dealer, table and game, as well as the backdrop
  • A second will focuses directly on the dealer
  • The third zooms-in on the action at the table

These cameras differ from traditional filming cameras, in that they have a form of optical character recognition built-in. This is the technology used on cameras in car parks and airports to identify registration plates and other forms of data.

The footage is captured at over 200-frames-per-second, capturing every card shuffle in crisp perfection.

For live casino gaming, this helps to identify cards when they are dealt and where the ball lands on a roulette wheel. Most cameras have hardware called a Game Control Unit. This digitizes the information, allowing it to be displayed to players via graphics on-screen.

A small selection of high-end online providers offer specialised services, to make their gaming experiences more immersive. For example, some use slow motion cameras, partnered with dramatic music, to add an element of intrigue and heighten the tension in classic live casino games like roulette and blackjack.

Powered by the Control Room

All this dramatic action is powered by a control room, away from the main spectacle at the tables. Here, a director and several production staff monitor everything that's happening on-screen.

Simple things like camera angles and action tracking are fine-tuned here. But it's also where staff are responsible for ensuring safe gambling by players. This is unlike playing online, where most customers bets and actions are tracked by technology and algorithms to detect problem gaming.

Every player at a table will be constantly reviewed and staff will step in to remove them from tables, if it appears that they are betting a problematic way - or well above their means.

While they're on-screen, croupiers tend to wear earpieces so they can respond to experts in the control room. Staff in the control room will use it to constantly communicate with the dealer and inform them of anything of gaming relevance. For example, the control room will advise the dealer of the deadline for bets, so that they can make players aware of the cut-off point for their next stake.

The earpiece allows the dealer to speak to players, as they would to customers in a land-based casino, without being distracted from their table duties. Player can also communicate via live chat, which includes high-quality audio in additional to the HD picture.

Keeping Live Casino Players Safe

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In order to ensure the welfare of their players, live casino operators must adhere to several rules and regulations. In almost every country that allows online gaming, operator must apply for a licence and hold one to operate in the country that they are welcoming customers from.

To obtain this, companies have to prove their commitment to customer care and responsible gambling. If you're gambling with an online provider in the United Kingdom, you can rest assured that they have been extensively vetted by the Gambling Commission, ensuring player safety during play.

Live casinos also have the betting limit feature built-in to their games as well. This places a restriction on the amount a player can bet at one time. Some tables will have a higher upper-limit, as they may be geared to more experienced players. Others are lower, aimed at novices who are playing for fun.

This restriction keeps players safe, as it ensures they cannot overspend on single bets, helping them spread out their budget and play for longer, rather than spend rashly and irresponsibly.

There's no stipulation, however, that the live casino filming site needs to be based in the country in which it is been streamed. As a result, many live casinos may set-up their filming locations overseas – and as such, there are studios across Europe and North America.

What's the Future for Live Casinos?

Online gambling is an ever-expanding industry and has come on leaps and bounds in the past two-and-a-half decades. Virtual or augmented reality is seen as the natural progression for future live casino games and many industry-leading companies are already investing heavily in researching that technology.

As live casino technology advances, so will the gaming experience and safety levels for players.

Diamond Casino Set to Open Its Doors in GTA Online - TheXboxHub

Posted: 07 Oct 2019 02:24 AM PDT

Rockstar Games have announced that the Diamond Casino & Resort is set to become an accessible venue on Grand Theft Auto Online, a move that has been keenly awaited by players. The Diamond is likely to open its doors as part of a significant update to GTA Online and promises to be one of the most glamorous venues in San Andreas. The date of that update is yet to be announced, but Rockstar launched its promo for the Diamond with the declaration that the casino is "coming soon".

Players of GTA Online have been faithfully following the construction of the Diamond in the game's virtual world, with each new development to the building site sending anticipation levels that bit higher. Rockstar's official announcement states that the Diamond will be a "luxury destination" with "first-class entertainment and state-of-the-art gaming facilities". Given the extent of the world of GTA Online, it's surprising that it's taken this long for a casino to open.

While the overarching narrative thrust of GTA V focused on heists, vehicles and the relationships between old gang members, the game also gave players a chance to find entertainment in unlikely forms. Players could enjoy some respite from the main mission with a spot of darts, a round of tennis or even a session of yoga. At last, casino games will be added as a playable activity to GTA Online.

Classic casino games made an appearance in GTA San Andreas, with players having access to blackjack, roulette and slots. However, the absence of casinos in GTA V and GTA Online was conspicuous, given their natural fit in the world of San Andreas. The Diamond will provide a welcome new attraction to GTA for rookie and veteran players alike. 

The Diamond's opening stands out in an era when real-life physical casinos are becoming rarer, due to the accessibility and choice of online casinos. Despite its name, online casinos like All Slots offer a diverse selection of classic games, including blackjack and roulette. You can find out more about All Slots in online reviews, although details about the Diamond are currently harder to come by. However, it is clear is that the Diamond will offer a selection of games similar to All Slots, ranging from table games to roulette.

Source: Pixabay

The Diamond will not only be convenient for GTA Online players, but it should also offer a more faithful recreation of casino gaming than any other mainstream title in recent years. Given the depth of detail in GTA Online, this is no surprise. Rockstar Games have form for successfully integrating casino games into unrelated titles, with Red Dead Redemption 2 setting ten gambling challenges for players chasing 100% completion.

Those tasks ask gamers to try their hand at games such as poker, dominoes and blackjack, with players having to meet certain objectives to progress to the next stage of the Gambler Challenge. It will be interesting to see if there are special incentives added to the Diamond to give a sense of progression, or whether the casino will operate in a normal fashion to grant players with total freedom.

As a venue in GTA Online, there will probably be more than meets the eye to the Diamond. What is certain is that the Diamond will become a hub of entertainment in southern San Andreas for players of GTA Online. Fans will be listening keenly for further Rockstar announcements that tie down the Diamond's grand opening, as that will be one of the most prestigious events in San Andreas this summer.


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